ExileNET's ircd is Nefarious-ircu P10 protocol running X3 services.

NickServ ExileNET's NickServ allows users to register their nickname to prevent others from using it by providing a password. A registered nick is needed in order to be able to auth with X-ChanServ or have channel ownership.


ChanServ is called "CServe". It maintains channel and op information, protects the channel and it's users and restricts banned users. There are a number of commands for adminstration and fun.


MemoServ MemoServ allows registered users to leave notes to each other even if the recipient is offline.


HelpServ HelpServ allows channel ops to have a help system for new users. It is easy to program for your specific channel and can be nicknamed to whatever you like


SpamServ SpamServ can be used to protect channels from spambots that send advertisement messages. It will auto ban and/or kick the bot.




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