ExileNET OperHelp

Version 1.0.0

Edited by evul () on 2007-4-22

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ExileNET OperHelp

This guide was written to give you a brief overview of how to be a successful operator on ExileNET. Please read the information carefully for a complete understanding of how ExileNET commands work.


1 · How to oper

In order to user oper commands, you must first authenticate with a server via an O-Line. Some opers are global while others are local. The below command will give you the privileges of an IRC Operator providing you have an O-Line in the server configuration.

/oper <nick> <password>

You can also remote oper when you are on a server which does not have your O-Line in the config.

/remote oper <nick> <password>

2 · OpServ

OpServ is as the name suggest, an Oper Service. Through OpServ, an admin or IRCop can manipulate the network settings and help with users.

/os help

3 · Register a channel

A user can register his/her own channel but in cases of newbie users, an IRCop can do it for them through X.

/msg X register <channel> <ownernick>

Sometimes X may tell you that you have already registered your maximum allowed channels. In this case you need to add "force" to the end. This only works for opers.

4 · Punish users

To be added.

7 · Network security

To be added.