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Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines - Unas Slayer Of The Gods (11:43)
Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines - Unas Slayer Of The Gods (11:43)
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Upon connecting to a ExileNET server, your IP will be checked against DNS blacklists. These list are maintained by different groups to help stop spam, IRC abuse and more. If you are listed in one of these, you just need to use our login-on-connect feature with your nickserv account

1. Servers must be approved by the net admin before being compiled, run, or linked to ExileNET.

2. Server admins must keep their server and conf files up-to-date with current ExileNET standards. This is especially important during these early stages of development since we cannot see how well certain modifications we make as a group will function on the network as a whole until everyone is running the updated server code.

3. Servers will have non-abusive IRC operators. /kill should only be used in extreme situations (flood/clone bots, ghosted users, hung clients only when user@*domain matches.) The main server admins (admins with conf file/machine access) will be responsible for choosing people they trust and that have a knowledge of the duties of an irc oper. Abuse of operator privileges by any server operator is grounds for link removal. /squit should not be used unless a server needs to be re-routed and the person sending the /squit remote-connects it where it is supposed to go. At no time should /squit be used if the admins of the /squit server are active and can do the routing themselves. At all times /squit and /kill should be commented so all opers know why the action occurred. If you think someone may need to /msg to ask why you killed a user, think of a better comment. A good rule of thumb is, when in doubt..don't.

4. /wallops is not to be used as an operator discussion channel, it is meant to notify opers and interested (+w) users of changing network conditions.

/wallops I'm going to reroute server A from server B to server C, any objections?

/wallops eskimo will be going down for an upgrade in 5 minutes, expect a netsplit and netjoin in a few. 

/wallops should not be responded to with /wallops, use /msg to the sending oper instead. Abuse of /wallops is considered abuse of oper privileges and will be dealt with accordingly.

5. Links for servers will be judged on the following criteria:

a. server stability. If a server has an uptime of 4 hours before it is brought down for some reason or another, it probably won't make a good hub.

b. machine/link speed and stability. If your link is saturated, the server won't do well because it won't have enough bandwidth to keep up with the rest of the network. Memory is also a concern, a hub server takes up more RAM than a leaf, and also more network bandwidth.  However with protocol P11, this is not true.  Hubs here actually tend to use less bandwidth than leafs.

c. attitude and abuse level of operators on the server. If you are the server admin, it is your responsibility to see that the operators on your server follow this policy.

d. server configuration and admin knowledge. Not saying you have to know everything there is to know about the server config and unix, but a server that is configured properly and is running the most current version stands a much better chance of getting an H: line. 

6. Servers should not be hacked except by the group working on the protocol updates.

7. IRC operators must be willing to help users to the extent needed to maintain a trouble-free, good-natured net. This does not mean opers have to hold users' hands and walk them through everything, but at least point them to a good source of information.

8. Bots are allowed on ExileNET, but not to the point of being abusive. Any takeover, clone, flood, or annoybots should be /killed and the user's account K: lined from the server they were using. We may also want to discuss global K: lines for this type of user. Non-abusive bots are not to be killed.

9. Warez, moviez etc are not allowed on ExileNET. Please do not ask to bring XDCC bots that house illegal warez to ExileNET. There are no exceptions to this rule. ExileNET is a WAREZ free network

10. When a user is K: lined or G: lined, email them and tell them why. At the server admins' discression, a K: lined or G: lined user can be allowed back on ExileNET. For clonebots or abusive behavior, cc: mail to root@theuser's domain or provider and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

11. ExileNET's harassment policy - Please see http://www.exilenet.org/docs/netiquette.html#7

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